Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is PAP indispensable ?

Is PAP indispensable ??? Many questions to be answered......

In retrospect, year 2012, just ended, was the worst year for Pinky's PAP and his bunch of crony ministers...

Is that a premonition of an impending decline of PAP who has ruled S'pore with a system of democratic socialism (worst than communism), than a true open democracy?

How can citizens re-invent ourselves for a more compassionate S'pore without PAP in the near future? Is it cowardice that many of us dared not initiate a change to our oppressed life..?

Where are S'poreans heading if PAP is not voted down to hold minimal power than monopolised every facet of our life..??.

  Is there no awakening and deliverance of a change? Will we see the last remnants of PAP power when the patriarch is no more around, resulting in a total collapse of the hegemony and nepotic rule of PAP...??

For the son is a weak indecisive Prime minister who only care for money, money, money as their cardinal right to acquire by any means from the citizens !! COE, ERP, GST, HDB, SMRT, all are money making
machinery of the government to justify their exorbitant ministers' paycheck.

Many citizens are hoping for a miracle of change but can S'pore's opposition parties have that quality, capability and credibility to live up to such when the moment arrives ??

patrick lee song juan