Monday, March 18, 2013

Why is S'pore pushing for the sky ?


"Changi Airport mulling over need for fourth runway."

Before even the third runway is constructed, the govt is planning for a fourth runway....Is it any different to the govt policy of bringing in as many foreigners to jam-packed S'pore even before the necessary needs are arrested! How do you assess a over-crowded S'pore ??

As I have always say...everything is a cause and effect measures...."If your feet is not big enough, why wear a size ten shoe.."

Our govt and their "Incorporate S'pore organization" just never learn the bare facts of truth and the balance of yin and yang...

Get the house in order first, as in building the third runway....Yes! planning ahead is good but is S'pore already surpassed their strong idiosyncrasies to accept the reality of its strength than the ostentation of world recognition of every thing must be 'numero umo'

What is the point of a country with all things world class yet the quality of life of its very CORE citizens are suffering the demand and stress brought about by the elitist system of government..??

But the main loser will be the poor and senior citizens who will never enjoy the grandeur of its First World status but only the chosen rich and higher echelon of society.

Societal degradation is the curse of modern advancement at the expense of the poor and average citizens unable to savour the fruit of modernization...

Are we a nation of reality or a nation of pseudo pride of the govt to be always wanting to be first and treat the under-privileged citizens and retired penniless seniors last..??

We are betrayed by our very govt...We must let everyone know  to change the unjust system which is more like a socialist State now....

We must VOTE for a equal system of justice!! We must VOTE for at least a two party system of fair checks and balances of a true democratic govt for the people, with the people and by the people..

We do not need to have PAP to stay on for eternity...

Is there a better opposition around for unity of the opposition parties?? There will be no consolidation according to Low Thia Khiang of Workers Party...

patrick lee song juan