Monday, March 18, 2013

Is economic growth the only way for S'pore ?

"In his interview with Washington Post...PM Lee also spoke of slowing economic growth in S'pore due to a tightening of foreign workforce expansion"

Yes! PM has come to his senses. Why need 'over-strength' economic growth at the expense of social harmony and societal cohesion...Why do you need 10 mega projects when 5 will suffice??

In everything we do in life ...there is a cause and effect (as I will always emphasize this simple dictum)...but for PAP it is a trade-off..
PAP had at all cost undermine the qualities of life of its citizens with the surge of economic growth and GDP...

Let me put a question to PM LHL...Economic growth and GDP for the benefit of who in actual fact??...Is it not for the "PAP Incorporated S'pore" and PAP-linked companies but little is shared with its citizens...The bulk of it will be absorbed by Temasek holdings and GIC all govt owned..and at the end of the day to satisfy the exorbitant pays of the ministers and himself.

S'pore will move on even without strong economic growth as long as the govt knows what to do...In the process, the cost of living would even come down...the price of housing would be more level...!.

And in stopping the influx, local bosses have no choice but to look inwards for local workers and pay the right salary not cheap labour, employing foreigners..

It is a win-win solution for LHL to move on in this right direction...

S'pore will survive the odds not the fantasies of PAP's mindless policies of economic growth , GDP and incessant influx of many 'trashes'...We do welcome professionals who contribute to our economy...

Why did the PAP govt..did what they should not do??...It is the hordes of foreigners that had forever changed the demographic wellness of life in our tiny red dot...upsetting our infrastructure which the govt had never had a blueprint ready for it !

PM LHL's vision is just for his self-serving interest with the most sinister agenda of all... The questions of our CPF ...our National wealth, our sweat, blood and tears, how and why do we begin with it in a PAP govt of 52 years.?...How legal is 'legalized corruption'...??

The 45% foreigners in the long run will be the death of S'pore!

Are we looking forward to 6.9 million in 2030 ??

patrick lee song juan