Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Love and Sex

On LOVE...

Love is a many splendour thing..
Many a times lovers never think
One thing is certain they will think
Each want the others precious thing.

Love is not sex but sex is love
Before one knows a baby can be out fast
Unprotected sex is a danger orgasmic joy
 After the ecstasy, comes the misery.

AIDS comes a calling in
Love just turn inside out
Regret is too late to recall
Love is a suffering to some evermore.

True love is nurtured thru the times
Never think love is to have sex
Love is the binding of emotion
Where two hearts are in fusion.

Stay healthy and true to love
For you never find the same to come
Until you lose your love you neglect
Forever you will live a life of regret..

leesjuanpat (copyright)

patrick lee song juan