Saturday, March 23, 2013

Facebook Joey Wu...the coquettish beauty!

Joey Wu, the sexy babe
We men do not know who
Every time she changes her profile

It automatically struck the guys.

Many a times she reveals
Her very endowment to the test
Many an angmoh just cannot rest
Posting to gain a passing fresh.

Her pix of many style and pose
knockout many a guy out of control
Some who try to be naughty
Many just want to be horny.

Joey is such a talent shrewd
No other women can fit in her shoe
Every now and then you'll find
A lustful man on the high

Joey just gives each a tease
The adrenaline keeps on increase
Joey just want some fun
Those guys just cannot run

Joey, Joey the natural beauty
With the world full of beast
Joey just sexcite once a while
With lust, the men will surely die!

(copyright: leesjuanpat)
patrick lee song juan