Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ah Huay, Lee Bee Wah has transformed the political landscape of PAP.

 LEE BEE WAH has transformed the political landscape of PAP !!

Lately, Lee Bee Wah must have taken some 'aphrodisiac' but more appropriately exilir of youth. She is so energetic in her engaging the residents of her ward in Nee Soon. Organizing events after events and meeting residents.

The best part is, she keeps on tagging her movements/posts to me like a 'spirit.' (I hope my wife is not aware of that, hahaa !!). And I just wonder did she change her Polo T-shirt (always wear the same Red 100-Plus T.)..Is she paid for advertising for 100-Plus.?

And lo and behold! really alters my perception on her, from an unreasonable president of the Table-Tennis Association who had that infamous quarrel with her coach and almost sued her to a friendly Ah Huay of the residents.

If Bee Wah's action is from her heart and no 'wayang' (acting),  kudos to her for her part in re-inventing the PAP high and mighty ways into a participating and down to basics of mingling as one with the heartlanders.

If all MPs and for that manner, opposition MPs who truly give off their times to the betterment  of the citizens welfare, then the politics of engagement will serve the residents well. It would surely revolutionize the political scene of modesty in a MP.

The days of false pretense when an MP's visiting the ward with the RC and CC are kept busy preparing for the 'Lords or Ladies' coming...It was so farcical and smacked of total indifference..And the awesomeness of disbelief of the cronies ingratiating to the PAP MPs.

Lee Bee Wah has come of age...So, is PAP re-inventing their strategies in engaging the public with more humility and less pomposity...??

Politics is not how powerful you are, nor how out of the world you may be. Politics is about the people who understand you and your simple kindness. Of the ability to meet the citizens needs and solve their bread and butter issues...Of formulating policies in tune to the realities of our lives not of a worst case scenario of 6.9 million population.

As it is of now...the pressing issues of hosing, healthcare, COL and crowded transport are the real issues affecting the citizens daily lives. Singaporeans definitely do not need a govt to add more misery and suffering to our lives..

Bee  Wah stood out of the blue and make red the faces of opposition , to double up their efforts of engagement and weekly visits to the residents of their intending ward to contest in 2016....I for one do not want to see the opposition losing ground to our Ah Huay Bee Wah or for that matter  to any other PAP MPs...

Let us bring in our trademark Ah Lian..and we have two, (Lee Li Lian & amp; Sylvia Lim Swee Lian) counter Ah Huay! and our Ah Huat (Png Eng Huat) to counter Lim Sia Suay....

The battle is never won when one stays too complacent.

patrick lee song juan