Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can Singapore move on without PAP?

Can S'pore move on without PAP?

What will be a S'pore without PAP as the government?

Simple questions, nothing complex. And the answer is straightforward, life goes on even without PAP.

Can we imagine S'pore without PAP? Yes! we can.  No one is indispensable, so is PAP. After ruling us for 52 years, should PAP call it a day?...They will not without a 'fight' But can our opposition take PAP on now, seeing WP having seven MPs in parliament?

Much has to be done by the opposition to push for an inroad against the hegemony of PAP . There is no recorded history that any party of the world can rule in eternity.

WP cannot do it alone,  even Sylvia Lim, the Chairman of WP said that they are not prepared yet to form a government being a small party. and when then WP be able to form a government? Sad state of affair for opposition in S'pore. So, how can the opposition go about ousting PAP to be the govt with PAP becoming the opposition?

It is a tall order...this will not happen even in a decade. Hence PAP is much assured of their power of control still . As long as the opposition cannot come together with unity and consolidation, the political scene in S'pore will be PAP dominated.

Low Thia Khiang of WP had dropped a bombshell about opposition unity.  So, can any opposition able to build up its membership base to counter all PAP's 87 wards..Not possible in the near future. Immediate solution is unify the 3 big parties of WP, SDP and NSP; but it is wishful thinking. This will never happen!

And as PAP have ruled and consolidated themselves for 52 years as a govt in every facet and aspect of dominance, to the point of an Incorporated S'pore. It is a tough hurdle for the opposition to jump over. And the dismay showing of the opposition is more to do with PAP's political sleuthness.

S'pore without PAP is an unthinkable scenario as far as the world of politics is concerned. What will be the ramification to life and business if one day PAP is toppled and an opposition coalition take over?  How well will the opposition be able to perform or rule a PAP "mentality S'pore" in a true or 'worst' case scenario of toppling PAP to have a new govt?

My personal analysis is, as I said, no one is indispensable, when the occasion demands, the situation will command. There will always be smart and intelligent people to replace PAP. The world moves on.

Nonetheless, with 52 years of PAP dominance, many are resigned to the fate of their destiny, hence nonchalantly accepted what come may or what is already there...

Is it not time for change?

PAP is not a bad political party. We can see how Spore prospers to this day..The old Guards were better dedicated. Then new hordes of younger ministers under the weak PM Lee Hsien Loong upset all the past built. Now the bottom-line is all about dollars and cents.

Just look at the last 15 years of disgust. What has PAP done to S'pore now that so many of us are so emotionally charged up with strong sentiments of voting them out soonest. The just ended Punggol East by-election was an indication of the choice of the people. People will make a choice if people are cornered with little or no choice. PAP's  popularity index is dipping lower and lower. It  will come a time, S'pore needs to change to a new govt. And the time must present itself in all its entities.

S'pore will be the same without a PAP's govt. Life moves on, the Civil Services still will function..the infrastructure will be there, the hospitals, the people etc...

S'pore will move and progress without PAP..But sad to say it will take more than one decade to realize many citizens dreams of a new capable govt or a coalition govt of a two party system.

Can life be better without PAP.? I believe it can...S'pore will rise to the occasion with or without PAP.

PAP is not our messiah or god...S'poreans had been fcuked up too long for the last 20 years by all the dastardly policies of PAP just to make of live is eroded. A change is so welcomed and in urgency...

The toilet 'White Paper' has catalyzed for a dire need to change for a 'new roll'....

patrick lee song juan