Friday, March 1, 2013

Inclusive Society, Social Cohesion and Social Mobility.

Is S'pore an inclusive society by PAP's standard?...Yes! it is by their yardstick of their own cronies living in their ivory towers oblivious of the ground sentiments of sufferings of the majority of average citizens. And seeing old hagged grandmother picking cardboard for a living.. is that an inclusive society in First World S'pore???

When an inclusive society fails S'poreans, how can we achieve social cohesion? Social cohesion is how well a community bonds with each other regardless of status or race..We co-exist as one people one nation. But through the years of PAP hegemonic rule, S'pore not only becomes an 'obstrusive' society, it loses every aspect of the cohesiveness of our societal fabric.

How can S'pore be an intrusive society when all the govt wanted is the influx of new citizens of foreigner to blend their life into our already stressful living...Cultural difference is a cultural shock to many who try to integrate into our society. Habit is second nature. It takes time to nurture change in behavior , in mindset in adaptability to a new environment. cohesion and mobility is not that easy..Talking is!

Social cohesion is easier with our own takes more effort for others...The govt has failed its citizens trying to have citizens imbibe such value to everyone of them overnight and vice versa...Are they not rushing for the impossible?

Hence where is the social mobility of the masses of new PR and citizens..Induct them into the govt vehicle of RC and CC to expedite integration of sort? to improve social mobility and social cohesion for an intrusive society? Very optimistic undertakings..Saying  is one thing, immersion is is social integration.

Even in his speech on Budget 2013..Finance minister Tharman expounded the importance of an inclusive society...Who would not want that?..It is not by the words of a botak minster that an inclusive society is born overnight, and of social cohesion leading us to social mobility...S'pore is far from near.

An inclusive society has to be nurtured, balancing the high and low of societal needs and wants. Lacking such basic needs of a decent living , where is the inclusive society, the social cohesion? Without the two, how can we achieve social mobility when every facet of space is such an encroachment!

So, is the govt sincere to make S'pore an inclusive society?  yet want to balance the dastard open-gate policy of more foreigners to further upset the social mobility of living.

An inclusive society with social cohesion and social mobility is a White Paper farce of the PAP govt, only accentuating on the economic and population replacement. In so doing, they overlook the long term repercussion and ramification of a 'homogenous' S'pore of true blue S'poreans.

We welcome foreigners, we are not xenophobic, but habit,characteristic and culture are new traits to  integration of any society, not to speak of 45% foreigners by 2030 in a 'worst case scenario by National development minister Khaw Boon Wan (how daft!)......Yes!  we  can say we are xenophobic to the govt idiotic population on the White Paper. Any rational citizen will feel threaten !

S'pore needs a sustainable population to stay inclusive as a nation. With it, we can achieve social cohesion and social mobility in the long run, not a short dash. We do need replacement...we need more babies not 'Replacement Killers' (a film starring Chow Weng Fatt).

Hence , it is a responsible govt to assist its citizens not otherwise.

patrick lee song juan