Friday, March 29, 2013

Religion, Faith and the Human Farce.


The religion of the world is a delicate belief of each and everyone that are inclined, or have faith in it..

Through the history of mankind, religion has never co-exist in perfect harmony as a race should be. We are all human yet human we are not.

The idiosyncratic mindset of each race, of each religion exhibits dire tolerance to the faith. Wars are fought due to religion. Murders and massacres undermine the actual good teaching of any good religion. Faith is lost.

The world will never be at peace with one another as long as religious belief is in conflict to personal belief of religious might.

The teachings of religious leaders have never been in conflict of violence or war but in truth, it is far from it when come to the mindset of many followers.

The world will never be in congruency with its spiritual undertaking, as long as the mindset of man stays immature to the cultural belief of others' religious faith.

In our S'pore context of multi-racialism and multi-religion, the level of tolerance is incredible to have each and every religion co-existing in harmonious setting, though sometimes not without certain strain and friction.

Religious understanding plays a great part in this area of achievement. And I must emphasize the govt has a strict law in place on religious tolerance and harmony.

In as far as human exist in this universe, the religious world will be in turmoil. It is a matter of time and many other factors..if only we can see the Middle East's conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis protracted for years...Yes! it is political, but is it not also of religion???

The death of Faith. Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge and faith herewith we fly to heaven.

The world has become a dangerous place to inhabit.

patrick lee song juan