Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Political Culture of PAP is shifting ground.

The Political Culture of PAP is shifting ground...

Even an idiot would have noticed PAP is shifting ground in the way they are engaging the
people of S'pore now....

Why is that so?

The most pressing reason has to do with the Punggol East by-election lost and it was a big win by WP. From then on PAP was just stunned. There was no foresight but on hindsight. PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL)  regretted putting 'elite' political greenhorn  Koh Poh Koon to try to impress the electorate. The greatest mistake of LHL's political career as PM! to want KPK to check every citizens orifice....OMG!

Was the PM dead wrong in his approach.?..PAP was completely annihilated...Kok Poh Koon got to examine his own ass!! PAP nursing their defeat in disbelief...

It was a lesson learned but not for long. In came the Population White Paper (PWP). Instantaneously, PAP died another death..This time round, it was harder for them to recover the after-shock of rejection...tantamount to a lover discarding her love...

Plentiful of damaged control management afterwards and all kind of explanations by ministers after ministers but to no avail...They screwed themselves even a scenario of 6.9 million population..It was an ultimatum by the citizens and PAP caved in with re-inventing and re-organization...Suddenly PAP was awakened to their mistakes!

And when the Budget 2013 was introduced in parliament, PAP salvaged some lost pride but not that much lost credibility...

It is a bitter sweet Budget 2013 with one hand robbing Peter and the other hand to pay Paul...That much said!

Henceforth, PAP's strategy and culture commenced to shift ground...More participating as in Education minister's sugarcoated frisbee on preschool and Khaw Boon Wan's single can buy new 2-rm flats if they earn up to $5000 per month....It goes on...

The culture of political shift has to come at a time when PAP is suffering from self-induced affliction.

More reaching out on the ground level from the various ministries, notably Lee Bee Wah's incessant engagement of residents with hour to hour post announcement on Facebook of her activities, all tagging to me...I am baffled...Is LBW having a soft crunch for me?? Why was I tagged to her activities? I am not her father leh??

Nevertheless, the shifting culture and political humility is a good sign that PAP has discarded their arrogance, trying their utmost to redeem the lost ground and trust of the citizens.

Are we seeing a new brand PAP re-organizing their lost pride and re-inventing their strategies for a new resurgence ??

It may not be that easy for PAP to do that. Much damage had been done. The voters have had enough of PAP as the big brother...S'pore needs certain change at the top.

The announcement of Lau Goh Emeritus stepping down was a double edged sword...Older experienced PAP politicians giving way to younger blood. But many citizens are not ready to accept that especially newbie like Tan Chuan Jin...who started on a very poor footing without my elaboration.

The new transformation of PAP younger ministers and its political culture will take a while to sink in without more daft and mistakes..

But at the same time the opposition is not wanting to be left out of such opportunity of PAP's unpopularity. A new surge of opposition energy and synergy is unblockable too.

S'pore will see a new landscape and political roadmap of new resurgence of opposition political culture and PAP political culture.

The political ground is shifting into a new refinement and new awakening to the benefit of the citizens...

Politics should be moving in this direction long long ago...PAP is picking the pieces along the way. A lesson well learned.

And the more immediate question is...Is this a good sign or a bad sign for PAP and for the Opposition ?

patrick lee song juan