Friday, March 8, 2013

Love is a perfect intercourse...

Please read it as an artistic expression than a lustful temptation!


Love is a perfect Intercourse!
Dedicated to Happy international Women's Day!


the beauty of the women's private parts
forever attack on the men's hearts
every moment's of lustful reverie
Is every man's coveted misery.

The sensuous pleasure of the vulva
only through coitus do men experience
the ecstasy of orgasmic divine
the ultimate of love consummation.

the tender flaps of the outer lip
opening into the inner part
penetration is such a delight
into the orifice with tender might.

two hearts interlocking with love
with the penis and the vagina
the final joy of intercourse
with orgasm into one's fold!

patrick lee song juan
(copyright: leesjuanpat)