Monday, November 16, 2009

An Authoritative Rule

I am retired (or put it that way too old that employers do not want to consider me for employment,) volunteer for the poor, and doing freelance writing on moral subjects and comments of current situations facing poor Singaporeans.

The ageing population, the rising cost of living and the great divide between the rich and poor Singaporeans. The monopolistic rule of the PAP. Policies become high-handed and sweeping. We need more oppositions of good calibre to raise stronger voice in parliament. The absurd high salary of the Ministers of $100,000 per month and more, whereas the poor destitute S'poreans subsist on a mere handout of $340 if on the dole and average working class are lucky to have a salary of $2500 per mth.

Singaporeans have come of age. We cannot let PAP rule Singapore forever. A balance of power is a good alternative. Absolute power degrades itself into great arrogance and insensitivity of people's suffering. How do the rich scholars who jump on the bandwagon and in the comfort zones of PAP, know what is poverty and many enter through the backdoor of GRC.

Sometime ago when Vivian Balakrishnan, the MCYS minister's sweeping statement to the Straits Times, saying that no Singaporeans will go hungry, I wrote to REACH to ask him to be more responsible for what he said. Mere lip service !! Can the government feed all Singaporeans? They cannot even help the poor and destitute. Talk is easy. Anyone can talk, what more a minister.

The public housing started well for the average citizens of Singapore, escalating into speculative disaster with the HDB opening up to the free market force. Though the building cost of public housing is cheap, the government (HDB) with no transparency, refused to moderate and control the wild upsurge of HDB flats. And new flats are priced too high for many average citizens to afford, especially young couples without any CPF savings. Just last week, a 4-rm 963 sq. ft. HDB resale flat at Queenstown was sold at $653,000/-. Sheer madness!! The actual cost for construction and other factors included, may not be S$150,000/-.

The government only knows how to squeeze the citizens to enrich their world highest salaries with increases, GST, ERP, COL etc. Then comes small sweetenings to Singaporeans especially during elections. The Government legally robbed you and give you little back. The modern day 'Robin Hood' but with hidden agenda.

The Malaysians voted the right way in the last election. Nothing is permanent in life. We need stronger opposition voices to contain the authoritative voice of the PAP.


Patrick Lee S J