Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Simple Life is a Good Life

How many of us can say that they have lived a fulfilled life? Guess not many dared raise their hands. A simple life can be a good and fulfilled life. Sounds that simple. Everyone of us is able to live a life of simple happiness and contentment. But the reality of our existence cut short many sweet dreams into nothing. Why is this happenning? Is it so difficult to pursue our lifestyle to our wishes, and live a simple life.

Nothing is impossible. But many wishes of a good life may not be realised. Human existence through the ages has fought for survival. Each stage of our life, we qualify ourselves and our family for the best in living.

Humans are never satified with a simple life. As we move up the ladder of success, our lifestyles move up in tandem. There is no safety marker to what is a good life. You may feel good but you want it to be better because the neighbours car is a Mercedes, whereas yours is only a Hyundai sonata ( in E minor). So due to peer pressure and face-value to level up or excel, a simple good life becomes a living unreality. Huge loans on housing, big cars, greater ostentation of lifestyle, eventually transformed a simple good life into a life of total debts. The stress factor sets in. The sad truth of living beyond one’s means.

Everyday is a comparison. The yardstick never ends. The frivolity of life’s wanting for the impossible dream and unrealistic pursuit of extravagant nothingless, created a hollow to live a simple good life.

The temptations of life luxuries, the materialistic pursuit of unnecessary needs, brings about the truth in human weakness of what is the actual essence of simple good living. We lose ourselves in the wilderness of pseudo-achievements by great showmanship in living a stressful debt-ridden existence. We lose our rational judgement to recover our senses and plough deep into greater financial chaos and catastrophe.

The unreality of high living and life, leave much to be desired. And desire it is, in the wrong gear of over-drive. Nevertheless, as humans we are exposed to the elements of wanting all the best in life, better than others and maintaining a status quo of great success and achievement all in the name of fabulous living.

In consequence, many a simple living and life devastated by its own hurricane of destruction, goes beyond the rationale of homo sapiens that choose to self-destruct.
We begin to ask: how can a simple good life becomes an agony of living beyond ourselves.
The source lies in one’s unrealistic dream of despair.


(originally written for the Silverhairsclub, re-posted into my Blog)

Patrick Lee S Juan