Friday, November 6, 2009

The Power of Meditation

Hello Hua Kin

Thanks for the articles. All this years of meditation, has taught me to differentiate the true compassion of human beings.

Meditation characterises a person into deeper thoughts and mindful of other's sufferings as what the article you sent me propounded.

Putting into perspective, and a case in point, the Ren Ci case. Ven. Ming Yi has lost a certain respect in his inabilitiy to draw a line between right and wrong. He has failed in his mindfulness of judgement due to his folly. He lost the insight of wisdom.

Money , through the ages, has been the root of all evils. Making use of public money for individual gain and have no moral courage to admit such conflict of interests, is a sad truth of human's imperfection. Only Buddha who denounced his earthly comfort of life and vast wealth as a prince to seek the noble truth , is the Enlightened One.

The world is full of charlatans, we have to beware.

Meditation can lead us to
transcendental tranquility. Human character will always have failings.
The true strength of each individual lies in the inner realms of total
understanding of oneself.

The purity of life can never be accentuated with false pretence and ulterior motive or maybe a moment of weakness.

It only shows that meditation has not reached the level of true and bare awareness of
the mind.

We will lose the insight of life.

patrick lee