Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is the Government serious with our feedbacks?

Many of us would certainly like to give feedbacks and offer our views on issues that strike our heart and the life of Singaporeans.

But as the statistics show, many a feedback falls on death ears. Instance like the transport increased feedback to the PTA, was a whitewash. They increased the fare even with huge profit.

Politics has a hand in every facet of our life. The ruling party being monopolitic exerts the greater say in policies. And many a times, it is just a routine and nothing is in the offing. Policies
just bulldoozed through regardless.

And in areas of free speech, how free and democratic can we get. The Speakers Corner for example. In London's Hyde Park anyone can just go there and speak up. Here we need to apply for a day licence and what not. As long as we speak with responsibitiy and within the framework of the nation, we should be given a freer hand to do so. So, Speaker's corner die a slow death. Why lay obstacles in this process. What freedom do we have in free speech.

Another area of great concern. The Ministers high salary. Greater even than the President of the United States. In fact, in every circle of Singapore, we voiced our concern on this issue but then it sailed through with flying colours. MM Lee has the greater say. And so the young ministers and ministers-of-state jump on the bandwagon to be with the government. Good pay, diplomatic immunity and great recognition. Why not?

I remember during one of the dialogue session with the audiences sometime ago, a reporter by the name of Ken Kwek asked a certain question to MM Lee, he was shot down in no time and embarrassed on the spot.

We need to really open up for true dialogue and feedback. The authority cannot just acknowledge and take no action. We too want a gracious Singapore to live in. But as it is; the cost of living do not favour the poor and man in the street with so many increases every now and then. More consultative approach should be the norm, not just lip-service.

We the citizens of S'pore charted this course to vote in the government for so many years. We do not want to be short-changed. We want impartiality in the implementation of our feedback. Too many disapointments and little is done to help elevate the citizens' hardship. So, why waste time.

patrick lee song juan