Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In reference to your article on CSJ (Chee Soon Juan) on Sat 7th June, I totally agreed on your perspectives and comments. A sad letdown to himself and the voters of Singapore. A morbid truth of a human who cannot grasp with himself. He lost the very dignity of himself, albeit much learned. The years teach much which the days never known. CSJ is more subdued now. After so many lawsuits by LKY and son, he is more prepared and wiser to be prudent with the despotic old dictator.

Singapore's political scenerio has come to a stage of no nonsense from any opposition party. Either you toll the line, or be prepared to face the consequences of the Government. In this respect, Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang did well to survive the odds. CSJ was a little arrogant. The incident with Goh Chok Tong at one hawker centre put him in a bad light then.

With due respect, MM Lee's tendency to sue many political opponents do not go down well with many citizens too. Absolute power is merciless. As a monopolistic government with autocratic powers, MM Lee should show magnanimity to what others said. "Real gold are not afraid of ravaging fires. "MM Lee has lost some credibilty of his image as a 'great' man.

Nevertheless, as human, we are never perfect. But as a leader, MM Lee should show greater compassion to fellow opponents, (not as CSJ put it and I quote from your passage "My Christian faith guides me, and it is a faith that compels me to fight for justice and to treat my fellow men and women with compassion"). CSJ has used the word "compassion" in the wrong context. It has nothing to do with Christian faith. Compassion is universal to all human beings regardless of religion.

His, is a 'quandered potential' that will go into infamy and coffee shop talk.

patrick lee song juan
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