Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Wise Awakening

A wise awakening. This thought is my little contribution to selected friends
and kind people.

In retrospect and reflection, I find myself too involved in the nitty-gritty of
happenings. With it, brings untold sadness to my disposition.

All these years of meditation though gave me a wise awakening but the human
in me succumbed much to my inability to refrain my actions.

Most of us are not comfortable to be defamed . Most will defend our
rights to the extend of lawsuits or to a worst scenario, seek unlawful revenge to uphold
one's honour. The olden days of the Mafias and Godfathers, reflected how ruthless man
can be to defend one's honour.

As we matured in life, we are supposed to be wiser and more forgiving but in many
instance, it is not so. We tend to be even narrower in out thoughts and stronger in our Egos.
Our fallen pride needed resurrection to the glorious days. We lose our insight to the
real meaning of life. We failed in our mission of self-harmony and detachment. We would have fallen miserably. We are unable to let go.

A wise awakening. This reflection of thoughts is a self-lesson in humility.
I have acquired BHAVANA (wisdom) through my years of meditation.
Hopefully the focus of my journey is in the right direction.

Do enlighten and comment on it. Thank you.

patricklee SJ

'True exists; only lies are invented' - Georges Braque