Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Power of Sex

Well, well, a topic taboo to our parents and grandparents, is an open secret to many but only some have the audacity to invite controversy of open discussion.

Terence, did not leave any bones unturned. Candid to the point of divulging the power of tongkat ali, with Shirley talking about beetle-juice.

Sex is always in the air throughout the world. When a young couple married, sex is the predominant excitement of marital bliss and ecstasy. Many orgasm is attained.

Asian culture of yonder days, viewed Sex as a concomitant factor of married life, not the paramount factor.Western civilization’s emphasis of sex life in married as the deciding factor of family’s cohesion. Hence the high rate of divorces abound. To them, Sex come before love. Hollywood is an icon for sexual divorces. Elizabeth Taylor still holds the record for the highest number of divorce (seven, in her journey to marriage and sex.) Nothing to be ashamed off in an open Western society, taking sex as the yardstick to seemingly happy marriage life. No sex, no life.

With many of our cohorts well-educated and informed, Sex has revolutionised society into delinquency. Free sex, pre-marital sex, sex orgy, promiscuous sex, gay and lesbian sex. You name it and it can happen. Society has degenerated into a free for all. Illicit sex, adulterous sex.
The decadence of social norms and liberal sex underpin the seriousness of sex without a cause.
Families paid a price for not upholding the moral dignity of a one man one woman sex life of devotion. We begin to wonder, has sexual freedom totally transformed the world or are we to be blamed for the liberty of sexual desires into the abyss.

Sex is a doubled-edged sword. Do it clean and good with our wife or husband, is the ultimate in sexual orgasm and everlasting faithfulness. Illicit sex life of fling is a no no, but human weakness, be it men or women, unable to resist the sexual temptations, will betray our very morals to enjoy the wildest sex of our life.

Copulation with a legal partner is different from fornication with anyone we have a fancy.
Everyone loves sex. Sex makes the world go round. Sex can round the world into a square. Haha! Sex for all and all for sex… really keeps the juices flowing….as Geraldine puts it … but alas….. (to complete Geraldine’s sentence), sex welcomes the world of HIV, the deadliest now; with Vietnam Rose once upon a time sent a chill down the spine.

Who does not love sex. Stay alive for faithful sex, never let sex outstays you.

I love sex in the comfort of home not “Sex in the City”.

Patrick Lee S Juan
(First written for SHC website, paste to my Blog)