Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Feel and Look Good

What is your secret of looking good and feeling good? Looking good and feeling good are two different things altogether.

Looking good as to personality and attire are concerned can enhance the physical aspects of a character. Taking me as an example, born to look good due to my genes which is a blessing. Haha! Dress code is important for anyone wants to look good. Proper attire on the right occasion will make you look good and presentable. No amount of personal grooming will suffice if a personality is a mismatch with his/her clothings. That is the number one sutra for a looking good person.

The poise, the posture, the maturity you convey yourself to others in a conversation defines the polished culture of an individual. Ah Beng can never look good in the company of a casanova, nor do Ah Lian be compared with ‘my fair lady’ (aka the late Audrey Hepburn). That visualised the difference of looking good.

Feeling good encompasses a greater pre-requisite of the inner self in relation to the outward appearance. Feeling good as the word implies, is the feel. How can one feel good?
Taking myself in context. An extrovert, positive inclination, conversant, and the ability to empathise my feelings with others, is a good feeling.A happy family, cohesive and engaging, understanding the perimeter of each other’s space of privacy, be it wife, children, is a disposition of feeling good. Feeling good comes from the heart. No amount of success or material abundance can give you the good feeling if one lacks the very basic of life humility. A show of wealth, self-centreness is only a feeling to yourself. But in a world of engaging reality, the feeling good angst, radiates without pretension.

Feeling good has to do with achievements of career and many positive attributes. Different yardstick for different individual. Feeling good depends on one’s satisfaction of wants. No amount of feeling good will be there, if the pursuit of the good feeling is infinite.
Doing volunteer work by helping others is a good feeling. True to one’s heart and a compassion to our less fortunate peers is a real good feeling. My personal experience can attest to joyous feel.

When morning dawns, looking into the mirror and SMILE to begin the day, is a good feeling. The simple pleasure of life can be a good feeling. The impermanence of life makes it not worthwhile not to feel good.

In a nutshell, the feeling is in our heart to activate our own feeling of goodness to ourselves, to others and to the world at large. HAVE A NICE DAY.

(I wrote it and posted on the SilverhairsClub website,
transferred to my Blog.)

Patrick Lee S Juan