Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lighten your Luggage

True to what is written. This luggage is totally different from the luggage we tagged along on those vacations.

This will be a moral luggage. As long as we are living in this decadent world,
there will be influences - good and bad. This is where the power of the mind comes into action. Doubtless, as you said about the fish market .

After numerous visits to the fish market, our sense of smell will be in-tuned to the obnoxious air and may not feel nausea. But we are tainted !

In the same vein, wholesome influence is a joy. Unwholesome ones like, the propagating of porno emails to 'sexcite' one's adrenaline, especially for a meditator, can in the long run subject to the fish in the grass. We will smell
even holding the grass.

Men are men. Nothing 'sexcite' the manhood more than the voluptuous nude body
with the 'chee ham' in full view. Like you said my friend, even the Arahat got tempted.

But as I told you my encounter in April this year. In reflection, I cannot believe even till today I could resist the advances in a setting so conducive to such physical ecstasy. So invitingly irresistable. I surpassed the fetter of sensual pleasure.

My new luggage to meditation is to bring the moral, compassion , benevolence and empathy qualities of life into my fold. Nothing beats the determination to try harder.

Last but not least, I quote two verses from Dhammapada 233 and 234 :

"Let a man guard himself against irritability in thought;
let him be controlled in mind. Abandoning mental misconduct,
let him practise good conduct in thought." --D. 233

"The wise are controlled in bodily action, controlled in speech
and controlled in thought. They are truly well-controlled. --D 234

Thank you.

patrick lee s juan