Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Self Development to Awareness

There is no such thing as a perfect life, nor is there a perfect match.
God is perfect, is an under-statement. With God's creation of humans, the consequence of sufferings bestowed upon fellow humans by the very human in us, incapacitates God's greatness.

Self-development of character, inner practice of calmness and transcendental tranquility, give
us the true discipline of training. Focusing greatly on one's mind. Our behaviour, our actions, are in our mind's training. Having trained the mind in meditation for many years, the perspective of view in any occurence, any happening, are only a daily concomitance of passage. Mundane.

Mindfulness and awareness of self, in relation to the society at large, entails greater harmony and congenial co-existence of each other. Devoid of the struggle for power, for fame and focus on the mind's training of pure emptiness, is to enter into another realm of realism in serenity.

The mind in profound meditation. All forces are subdued to nothingness.

The road to enlightenment.

Patrick Lee S J