Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Beauty of Impermanence

Dear Nancy

An eye opener !! All the hollywood beauties had a place in my heart.
A lovely presentation of all my famous stars. It is so NOSTALGIC !
The beauties of yesteryear faded with merciless time and nothing
will bring back the gorgeous elegance of youth.

In as much as time is age's nemesis, the invaluable experiences of
life is so much enriched. Be it joy or sorrow, extravagance or thrift, the old age
elegance of many belies their glamorous encounter of the life happenings.
Each had a story to tell.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Inner beauty is in tandem with the heart.
It will live on forever. Beauty is impermanent

The superficial beauty of life is the sad truth of human ( women's) ostentation.

And as the evening halo tinged the last shadow of beauty, we will leave behind
the silhouette of our fragile self.

The impermanence of life and its fading beauty.

Alas! we all hope to leave behind a beautiful and gorgeous reminiscence
of the impossible youth.

A simple and fulfilled life is a good life.
A simple good thought is wisdom.

Patrick Lee Song Juan