Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Fair Judgement.

To be fair with SBS transit, our bus system is one of the best in S.E.Asia. If you travel around the region, you will know what I mean. I have.

And our MRT is punctual and one of the newest and more reliable mode of transport. Morning rush hours happen everywhere and nothing much can be done apart from adding more buses on the road. But traffic road is not like MRT track where there is no traffic congestion.

As our economy and personal income rises, many people will want to own cars as a reliable and convenient personal transport but this will add to the chaotic traffic conditions if car curb is not stringently implemented. The present system of issuing COE has given rise to more cars on the road.

SBS transit is lauded for introducing lately some express service to commuters rushing to work in the morning peak hours. We must thank SBS transit for constantly improving services to the general public and make taking public transport to another level.

It is interesting to hear on air one caller asking for SBS transit to provide return trip. Let us face it, evening hours, not everyone will be heading home at the same time, hence SBS did not implement the return journey, which is right for commercial sense of business. Whereas work starts at 9am for most office in the CBD. So it make sense to only have one way.

Our Singapore society has never lacked behind, be it transport system, public housing, structured hospitals, civil services etc. So, we need to view everything in a wider perspective of achievements in comparison to some shortfalls of society which inevitably will always suffice. Everything in life adds to a balance.

Well done SBS transit and SMRT. BUT CAN YOU DO AWAY WITH THE CONCESSIONS ONLY FOR SENIOR CITIZENS AFTER 9 A.M. ? It will be seen as a compassionate approach to understand the plight of many poor old senior citizens who need to work and take the bus or train before 9 am.

SBS Transit and SMRT are making profit every year!! Show your magnanimity please.

Patrick Lee S Juan