Monday, December 13, 2010

My comment on an interesting rebuttal on Minimum Wage!

Interesting rebuttal from all parties. My DDP wilson always have the amber that ignites in his sumo belly into a raging conflagration. But at least now I saw more intellectual deliberation of thoughts and definite answers and... opinion to put forth in a ding dong fashion. I am here not to debate...the young pillars of society are the future leaders..We are 'had beens'...enjoying every knowledge that goes by!

David Torbarsky seems to mature so much with his gentleman retort that leave Wilson gasping for his breath...I think in a discussion portal as such David's direct question should be answer with direct as not to drag the debate beyond the horizon.

At the end of the day, it is this kind of healthy ding dong affairs (not triangle love-affairs) that brings the excitement of our daily living. No name calling or harsh words ramped down one's throat. As long as civilization and education help us to rationalize any ramification of daily life affecting the majority of S'poreans, the subject matters of any debate is worth the open door approach!

We never shut ourselves to progress...we progress to shut and tighten the bolts and nuts of an old noisy machine..If we need to do the complete overhaul...we will find the cheapest and possible cost-cutting way to initiate the job to the right source and see to it's ideal completion. All the more on minimum wage or no minimum wage...

Thanks all gentlemen for the mind-inspiring writes on 'Yes/No' on minimum wage...My take is' sometimes in life if the going gets tough, let the tough gets going. On the other hand, I believe the beauty of nature has a hand to provide us with the wonder of existence of survival and wellness in life. We may let nature takes it course if so be it!!

PAP had done well, PAP did not do so very well NOW...PAP may have past their time with their (as Black Templar said) what 'moral authority' for them to give themselves so high pay when as the guardiian and government of S'pore..they are the selected lot that took the office to service not so much to benchmark their pay to the top CEOs of the private sector...but for the country, for the nation!!

Comparison breeds contempt of self,..disenchantment of others and
what is 'privilege' becomes a desire of greed-entitlement. That is what is happening to the PAP government NOW!

CAN THE CITIZENS VOTE PAP OUT SLOWLY BUT SURELY and with intelligence..intelligence...intelligence !!

patrick lee song juan