Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are we more accepting of Consructive Criticism and Why banned netizens when their comment is not pleasing to your ears?

Interesting intellectual retorts by some strong minds and some "fly by nights"...GMS...The good friend Wilson mention is me..and I do not deny it....Do you know why many people always treat me as their good friend..And sure in a world of differing views, others called me 'names' too...hahaah! Even people like LPY Bryan Ti take me a friend though faceless on him not me..hehee!

A lesson on the finer points of engagement will cost you GMS some money that is my forte.-- Image Consultation is my profession!

Show magnanimity ! as we are all mature personas....The true mantra in life is under whatever circumstances you even love your enemy..when they hated a real human! Graciousness!...removed the 'ban' and engage constructively in the Cyber world of foregoing....For we got no chance to be featured in main stream media (MSM)..That is only for the master's voice. We blessed the day internet was invented !!

On that note..DDP wilson..your rationality still prevails by the present writing input. Hence, we always give people a second chance. You are doing it great man!
And I sincerely hope my 'lau peng you' (LPY) Bryan and Wilson can open their minds perspective and see that there is certainly some good in KJ of RP to want to give PAP a run for their money...Many problems will self-mature when the time comes in opportune.

Never forget, RP is still a new kid of the block...give them time to blossom into mellifluous flagrant roses and carnations..(due to the contingent of belles in RP...guess KJ must have some hidden oomphs and definitely a ladies' man...I am tempted to join his party lah..That is the reason Roger Tan the 'A.H'..without thought plunged into RP's soft many of them..hahaah!) !! Seeing so many lady politicians congregating on KJ... But a note of caution!...many are lady lawyers..Roger, can be sued till your pant dropped hor!! keep you pair of hands still please!!...May I ask you KJ..what brand of Eau de Cologne you used..(Giorgio Armani??) to attract those sexy 'fairies'....haha! Joking...joking...

Let us stay magnanimous and engagingly understanding! Remove any 'ban' and drink to the toast of a 'no-ban' on Facebook. If the FB Administator never banned you...why must you knock you hard skull against the wall. Regards

Legend: GMS --Goh Meng Seng (secretary-general of
National Solidarity Party (NSP)
KJ --Kenneth Jeyaretnam (secretary-general
of Reform Party (RP)

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