Wednesday, December 15, 2010

US is heading into Depression

‎Year 2011 will be an 'awakening' in the wrong sense of the word for many countries...Iran would be going forward with their nuclear programme in full force..., Israel will feel the threat..North Korea too have the bargaining chip..

On the local... scene, PAP will call for election by MAY 2011 and behold...

PAP is in for a little beating...losing 2 GRCs and 5 SMCs and two old veterans may die of heart due to third stroke after losing Potong Pasir to PAP after 26 years (his own kamma)..The other due to old age excitement...cannot accept opposition can capture that many seats....forgetting that nothing is impossible and nothing is permanent !!

US is falling into the abyss of the cesspool and the glory of a super power shows gradual but drastic dislocation. Middle
east steps up pressure upon Israel and the protacted war dragged the verge of a nuclear war.

China will emerge the strongest in terms of economic power and decent military might which is mainly for defence purposes.

Oil will be increasing... as Gold too, today trading at US $1387 per oz will hit about US$1900 in the middle of next in gold is the best bet..

Life will be tougher everywhere...S'pore is no exception...PAP will hold on and blessed our SWF is strong...guess we will still be in good hands ...come what may....

US will be smelling of shit everywhere and the rest of the world got the tail wind and the repercussion will be far and Gerald Celente said it may be worst than the 1929 Depression till it top the summit in 2012...

Death is a certainty but life goes on...brought about by the atrocities and the US fiasco having printed their 600 billion greenback to further plunge them into deeper shit. Having already a gigantic deficit of US$ 39 trillion!

The legend lives on ...and humankind suffers the greatest indignity of self-inflicted catastrophe and endless wars !! The terror of humankind! The death of decency !! The collapse of the great America !!

China and India become the rising power of the world economy!!

patrick lee song juan