Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wikileaks bring the world closer to Third World War !

MM Lee Kuan Yew's classified conversation with US Deputy Secretary James B. Steinberg was leaked out by WikiLeaks. Nothing is secret anymore. The world is closer into great controversy and conflict!!

Sure it was an accident...which can be of serious consequences. North Korea might aim a nuclear warhead on our 'little red dot' and ho! that is it...joking lah..there is no such long range rocket to fire it.(patriot is a mid range rocket).

Yes! United States did not betray Singapore directly but should have undertaken greater security to prevent the 'leakage'. If MM Lee had commented on the Muslim world..I guess the repercussion will be more serious. Not forgetting the caricature of Prophet Mohamed and the 'Denmark Connection'.

As of now, world leaders are expressingly worried and are less 'gungho' to be so candid and courageous after this WikiLeaks fiasco.
Only our MM Lee is an exception...always telling other nations how to 'cook a half-boiled' egg...

United States Government (USG) has always acted as the messiah of other nations but the true fact is US hides agendas of greater sinister than the battling nations. Look into the Middle East's protracted conflict of Palestine with Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran is on 'a tight noose' to disarm their nuclear programme. Pakistan, with terrorist stronghold, United States Government (USG) is closing one eye on the Pakistanis government !!

To this day USG had never learned their lesson of the long 11 years of protracted war in Vietnam and the US had killed more people during the Vietnam with chemical Orange and untold atrocities of war. In the end US had to withdraw and battered into humility.

The world will be a more peaceful place if USG do not try to 'armlock' other nations and stand up for 'free democracy' of world peace. In true essence..USG have propagated many unnecessary wars and caused many innocent death.

An eye for an eye...brings humanity into the forefront of 'revenge is sweet' and death is an action of a cause...that has forever escalated death in suicide bombers and terrorist attacks. 9/11 is the icing on the cake!!

When will peace be among the 'brotherhood' of Nations but instead tearing each other apart. Only when USG can just mind their own business !! Regards.

patrick lee song juan