Thursday, December 2, 2010

Equalization and Normalization in the Internet Age.

Let us not write off James Gomez (JG) with the heading title. He may be our potential MP in the making. SDP for once showed right judgment to include JG in their fold. And sincerely hope he does not be infected by the 'jail-bird' virus !!

BT's paraphrasing is concise...equalisation, normalisation theories and the S'pore context.

Yes! New media has surely revolutionized the playing field of S'pore politics. But only to a minuscule scale of maybe 15% net savvy people. Hence, the impact has yet to cause any alarm for the ruling party. The only advantage is, you are your credibility in disseminating truth or even untruth on the net. As MSM is pro-system, new media is the only source but with limited coverage !

In whatever venture, when you have a will dominate the scene better. SDP's website is commendable !! PAP with their financial resource, nothing is insurmountable in the aspect.

The truth of political engagement and 'propaganda' (if I would say that in all political 'warfare. At the end of the well your personal touch is on the ground level. Your 'personality-warm' that can melt the voters' hearts. With your sincerity and promises that once you are voted in, it is carried out hot air balloons!!

In S'pore's context of participating politics, opposition will always play second fiddle to the ruling PAP..their systems are entrenched in concrete infrastructural well-planned settings.

PAP's think-tank are a bunch of back-room boys molding policies, even on a trial and error basic (are way ahead of the oppositions) to test the reflexes of the masses. At times they failed miserable but many a times, PAP succeeded. With their logistics and operational advantages..PAP will always be ahead of the opposition in many areas of endeavour..the only consolation to in the disenchantment and displeasure of the voters to give the opposition a better chance to squeeze a couple of candidates into parliament. This coming election will be the all mother of election. It is the run of the mill!

All the theoretical writes on any possibilities of opposition even coming close to smell the tail-winds of PAP's 'movements' and emulating (LHL's 'mee-siam with hum...' is a new dish 'idea' to be original). As originality breeds excitement of innovation and implementation.

GRC is PAP's brainchild..and to this the nemesis of the opposition especially..underlying the racial undertone (minority race) of compulsion.

Pragmatism with realism not disunity is the road for opposition to see a little ray at the end of the tunnel. The drilling is most excruciating with a 'steel vault' at the PAP's tunnel end.

patrick lee song juan