Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Opposition Participation and the coming Election.

How well the Opposition and the SGs will perform in this coming election?

I do not know why or how I propel myself into the unenvious task to monitor the political situation in Singapore. Maybe, partly due to the draconian and authoritarian rule of PAP for 50 years. And the last 6 years was the greatest transformation into all facet of lives and living, affecting every citizens. More so..the poorer citizens and senior poor destitute old folks.

On that note alone, the ground is stirring for silent cyclonic 'Reform'.

And the playing field has never been so inviting to the opposition than now. Even the illiterate uncles and aunties in hawker centres and void decks were discussing how difficult life is now with everything becoming more expensive. Even the ordinary folks are saying PAP is hoodwinking them.

What are the chances of opposition party making it good this time round to field better candidates and capture more seats in parliament?

This coming election will be the best bet to win on the sentiments of the voters dissent of government policies and insensitive bulldozing unpopular policies down our throat. The most controversial one that stood out is the vast influx of foreigners and the escalation of HDB property prices with demand not meeting up with supply.

On this should be 'all well that ends well' for the opposition camp to capitalise on their strategy on how to engage PAP and win the hearts of the voters.

But beyond the call of change to bash the PAP and capture more seats, the opposition camp captured the citizens attention by inter-party and intra-party power struggle, accusations and traducement. These all have to do with the leaders in charge of the individual party.

I will commence with SPP and its SG. CST, having been an MP for twenty-five years and leader of SPP, he is a legend in his own right. But subsequent development of events within the party caused Chiam See Tong (CST) his crediblity and questions asked: How could a SG for 25 years cannot even steer his party forward but instead holding on to his last lifeline and not able to let go. The rest many that follow the fiasco and debacle of SPP will know that SPP is digging its own grave.

Preview of chances in this coming election: Lina chiam will lose Potong Pasir to PAP. Old CST will exit without much funfare and a sad 'adieu' to a once respectable MP of PP. Only now , his graciousness was revealed as a facade of his 'true' mean irrational character. CST has failed miserably as a SG of SPP.

Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) of SDP, the maverick political 'jail-bird' who loves 'Changi Palace so much that he has made that placed his second home and in the process introduced it to his party members to stay as guest for free. All on tax-payers money! The government is just too happy to accommodate SDP to stop them littering 'profanity on the public ground'. Changi Palace is the only place to shut them up even temporary. In true honesty..CSJ is driving PAP 'nuts', with their never say die 'vehemence'. There goes the high profile SG of SDP. And a party based more on the ideology of western democracy ! Another failure of sort.

Workers Party with Low Thia Khiang (LTK) at its helm, is as mysterious as the head of Medussa. Those who have an opportunity to meet him will be turned into stone with his aloofness and lack of utterance. Hence in the public eyes, he is seen to be unapproachable. Sylvia Lim fares reasonably well as chairman and more articulate. Her speeches in parliament is seen as really engaging the PAP on their unpopular policies. But one swallow cannot make a summer.

Overall, WP will be the best bet to have their candidates voted into the next parliament. LTK will sail through his calm territory and trashed Eric Low into a pulp again. This time if his (Eric) skin can withstand an Mk 47 bullet, he will die die come back another 4 years later to announce his intention to fight his losing battle. I admire Eric's 'determination of doom'. Do it wrong again man, Eric !

And on that note ..if nothing changed much on the boundary of Aljunied GRC...the incumbent Sylvia Lim leading her team should capture the the grandest fashion! Someone may collapse with a heart-attack. God bless!

CST would have had his third stroke when wife Lina loses to Sitoh “Sitting Bull” Yin Pin.

Goh Meng Seng of NSP....never die attitude and always 'loud mouth' will see a slight change in his strategy of his political platform. With Steve Chia a veteran NCMP...NSP will need all the expertise of Steve's experience to contest Tampines GRC and hopefully whack the living daylight of Maboh Tan and his team. Rumours abound Mah may not helm Tampines GRC. Well, your guess is as good as mine!

Reform Party (RP) with KJ at its helm, seemingly looks a well-rounded party with the most belles and notably high profile qualifications. Leading the pack is KJ with double first in economics. And those mighty lady 'warriors' of law. I mus t take off my hat to the party for organising a Gala (Gela) Night of Food, Movie and Auction of all things....RP's bevy of all 'shape and size' female members to the audience for dinner or other pursuits. There were member dentist and KJ were offered for bidding too.

The highest bid on Nicole Seah at $500/-went to Russell Teo to have dinner with her. What a rascal..hahaah! I attended the party to see Irene but she flew herself Down-under. Wow! I must be a terror for her to do that !? Joking..Joking...

In perspective..a precedent had been set for opposition parties to raise funds through this innovative way of auction bid...What will RP think of next!! A visit to the oldest profession house for a fling...LOL!

On that scale..RP if 'lucky' and with sound strategy may win one GRC or a SMC..It depends...depends....

SDA at the time of my still in limbo..with Desmond Lim (DL) subjecting to disciplinary committee's inquiry convened by non other than CST of SPP. Alrready DL was removed as ASG of SPP . So the WWF wrestling is into its final showdown match. And DL has already consulted a senior counsel for his defense.

Socialist Front (SL) kid of the block, looking for the right opportunity, maybe forming an alliance with PKMS and consolidate any little power they have.

PKMS and SJP are buffer parties in their own usefulness or inactivity

So, in its final analysis of the opposition parties now contesting the coming election, one thing is clear...PAP will still be the ruling party.

Which opposition party can secure one or two or more seats in parliament will be based solely on the nine days of rally to bring to the hearts of the voters. What they can do as additional voices in parliament. Not just to warm the comfy leather broad seat and like the PAP MPs and Ministers caught napping!!

patrick lee song juan


NSP --- National Solidarity Party
WP --- Workers Party
RP --- Reform Party
SPP --- S'pore People's Party
KJ --- Kenneth Jeyaretnam
CSJ --- Chee Soon Juan
CST --- Chiam See Tong