Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Inequality of the Human Race.

Ethnic and race issues have through time immemorial the bane of human civilization. If the human race can live under one huge umbrella of homogeneity, the world will be heaven on earth!!

In a country of ethnic majority, the onerous task is for them to claim superiority and privileges and perks as their 'God-given' rights! The minority races will be greatly disadvantaged and dis-engaged. This happened to many parts of the world throughout history to our present modern lives.

It will be the nemesis of the very human race that will annihilate and exterminate its very own human, just because the very human deemed them less 'human' :(

The most infamous extermination of the human race in war world one was when Hitler (or is it world war two?) claimed the Nazi as the superior race and caused the 'holocaust' of the Jewish community of millions.

History will repeat itself, if we as human cannot co-exist in greater harmony of our racial difference and claim our rights of no rights !!?

All human are sons and daughters of this universe, nothing more nothing less, we have a right to be the cosmic world is unfolding with exuberance..... We must live and die with peace and harmony as we are ONE and only ONE human race.

The Martians will be another race altogether !!!

patrick lee song juan