Sunday, December 12, 2010

Five Decades of PAP Rule and the Disconcerting Opposition.

A brief History in Time...not Stephen Hawkings book but the time of our life under PAP government. History was forever changed when a group of Men-in-White (MIW) stormed into the political scene and formed the first government in 1959.

Singapore was a real slum. When the British withdrew their naval presence in our former Naval Base..Singapore was all on their own. What happened next, was never a bookmaker's dream of winning the odds. S'pore with the old guards slogged their hearts out to transform S'pore to our present Cosmopolitan.

The political storm and controversy of power struggle saw many casualties of political fallout. The final winner emerged as PAP party till this day. Barisan Socialis discredited themselves by walking out of parliament all 11 members (correct me if I am wrong) . The ''omen presented itself that PAP will rule S'pore as one-party till 1984 when Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ) won the Anson by-election. S'pore for the first time after 1962, experienced a 'tiny' voice in parliament. It was never a voice but a 'loudspeaker'. And PAP MPs and LKY could never had more peace than they wanted. In the end..through the various law suits and intrigue manipulation and 'victimisation' JBJ was 'robbed' of his MP seat when he was convicted on a charged of misappropriation of party fund. JBJ lost his MP seat.

PAP slept more peaceful with all the yes voices without another opposing voice again! Heaven cries out for help. But help was never so near !

The PAP wayang went on until SDP was credible enough with Chiam See Tong (CST) voted in with two more SDP MPs and Worker's Party (WP) Low Thia Khiang into parliament!

(The Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) : 'From Third World to First' and 'The Singapore Story'...These two books are highly recommended to read to understand the struggle of S'pore to this day. And you can form your own opinion!!)

So..after some years of barren opposition in parliament (JBJ was out 'high and dry'), all of a sudden, parliament have 4 MPs. Definitely was not enough...but better than nothing. But it only took one parliament term when two under-performed MP Cheo and Ling were kicked out for good. (meaning, were never voted into parliament the second term) And till this day S'pore Peoples Party (SPP) and Worker's Party (WP) have booked themselves as the two life members of parliament.

SDP lost more than they bargained for under Chee Soon Juan No representation. CST was a breakaway from SDP and CST formed SPP and even on a new party ticket; got his seat in parliament to this day. SDP had never redeemed their lost and credibility. Subsequently, they practised 'confrontational politics' and became 'jail-birds' of 'Changi Palace' as their long-termed second home....Sad..other SDP members enjoyed the stay too. How can you fight PAP on that scale of (10 to 1) are always (1)..I been repeating this message to SDP. Hope they get the meaning of the implication!!

The awakening of the citizens comes only this last 5 to 6 years of PAP 'atrocities' and absolute rule. The country has become a corporation not a people's country. And the last straw was the obscene influx of foreigners without hold. Floodgate 1.5 million foreigner on a population of 5 million...ho!..ho!...ho! Christmas is coming...

Housing escalation choked many breaths to suffocation. Rich foreigners kept on snapping resale flats and PRs to buy up many new flats. Supply was wanting , demand pressing. Emotions when high whe cash-over-value (COV) hit 40 thousand cash upfront or more. Young couples crying for help unable to buy re-sales flats. And record sales in Queenstown for a 5-rm flat at over 900,000 dollars was really absurd. And not too long another ..5-rm flat at Bishan goes for 1.1 million dollars. Bought by dirt rich foreigners. It was and is total madness!! And to add insult to injury Maboh Tan our National Development minister kept on harping ..'affordable'..'affordable'...and living in 'affordable' S'pore is a real struggle for the 20% of low income people..But the PAP government are still nonchalant to their plight ..PAP only see dollars and cents not sense.

Transport re-organization on distant-based travel, transfer buses or MRT rather than single fare travel for seniors. Seniors with weak limbs to risk accident, transfer up and down the buses or MRT. Is there any justification? Due to central data base computer mainframe control of seniors travel..when they computed the statistics of single-price fare..the percentage of long travel by senior made LTA to decide to switch to distant-transfer fare system to their gain..How commercialized is our country and SBS Transit and SMRT are part-owned by Temasek Holdings and the general public shareholders...Must answer to shareholders, you know! The ramifications of transport change and do away with concession on seniors saw many a suffering old poor fighting for survival. Raymond Lim will pay more and two-third will benefit. He spoke through his ORIFICE...Lily Neo and Sylvia Lim questioned the rationale of such change..Raymond held on to his belief it is good for all. (In fact, I heard the debate in parliament on this issue during that specific parliament sitting..i just want to throw my smelling leather shoes, like the Iranian did on George Bush) but I could not..the public gallery is secured with floor to the ceiling thick glass panel....Lucky Raymond or lucky me??

That is the PAP of today..High , mighty, no compassion for old folks, for poor and insensitive to the peoples hardship.

Many a drastic policy change bulldozed into your throat like an army got to relent..if not can we citizens do anything to change the system..definitely no...all our wings are clipped..We are all sitting decoy ducks!!

Yes! we only can by one legitimate means..through our VOTE this coming election to send a message to PAP we had enough, we need to live as citizens not 'zombie' aliens of our own motherland. The foreigners are taking every inch of our space, our seats on buses , on MRT and we citizens are resigned to be screwed by PAP forever and ever if we do not wise up and VOTE rightly for more opposition, for more voices in parliament.

We will all be dead 'Peking Duck' for the roasting. Do it right for S'pore!..Do we dare to dream the right dream! Nothing is impossible and PAP made it so impregnable we are singing... PAP is making everything impossible and impossible. How, how to make it possible for opposition to get a stronghold of the hegemony of PAP dominance..

Another 20 years maybe ...many will be dead by then (me too maybe at 85 then but my Mom is still living at 94..maybe got chance hor.)..MM Lee Kuan Yew (surely died already lah! cannot live to 107 years right! bless him if he does!) He will be laughing in his urn..and muttering..Singaporeans so stupid! so stupid!..PAP even without me..still rules on and on.....

(Foreign Imports, Housing, and Transport will form the main issues of this coming election with other grouses in between)....

How lost can the opposition be to this day....the disenchanted and disconcerted Opposition.. One Christmas after another we had gone by 50 Christmas now!!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle PAP!... PAP, PAP makes everyone's life misery....

"REALITY IS A SLIDING DOOR" - (Ralph W Emerson).

patrick lee song juan