Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meng Yi, the Maverick Monk (MM)

The modern monk, the modern cheat. After Meng Yi was released from jail for misappropriation and misused of charity funds, he lives it up again. This time to celebrate his release from prison with a lavish gala dinner on 21st Nov (2010) at Pan Pacific Hotel. As a monk who should have followed the 8 precepts, he has transgressed on that to be seen in high places. Not to mention he had failed in his other few precepts of lying and false speech, taking what is not his. And to top it all. Splashed $200,000 for a dinner with his so-called devotees in a grand dinner "sheng zuo dian li" (rise to power). Where does the money come from???

Sad, real sad. Has religion and for that matter Buddhism as propagated by Meng Yi in his context become avaricious.

It is the right time for the Buddhist fraternity to stand up to discipline such a wayward monk. Yes! a disciplinary committee of revered Monks should be convened to let Meng Yi show cause why he should not be defrocked. I am all for it.

Let us uphold the integrity of our society of charlatans and bring back the decency of what the Sangha order should be.

We do not want an individual to tarnish the nobility of Buddhism as professed by Buddha " to walk the middle path". Many of us are walking beyond the middle path into perdition and have no moral courage to stand up for scrutiny.

Self-mortification is the strongest penalty. Has anyone possess that moral courage to do so? Meng Yi please stand out to be scrutinized. As one nun said in the ST today and I quote "He's climbed too far up, and now he has a long way to fall.

Buddha has never rested in peace since he achieved Enlightenment. The modern world is a different entity all together.

Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha and Panna (Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, Equanimity and Wisdom respectively:) are all noble Pali words of Buddha...The modern world of human brings new reversed meaning to it in tandem to the decadent of our society. The sad truth of human delusion, craving, desire and greed.

The Noble Eightfold Path is a discourse to follow with diligence. Mind purification is a tall order. Will meditation help Meng Yi ?? Alas!

patrick lee song juan