Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is the government doing enough for the Poor AND how are our opposition able to help?

In any government..a progressive package of participating in the daily activities of seniors are important..Only those that are really handicapped or physically incapable of any light work that 'handout' should be given...Remember... as LKY said.."Nothing is for free"

In any society..the class difference will prevail...but in First World S'pore..if ministers can be paid obscene salary..I have yet to see any minister step forward to create a fund said 5% of their salary to the welfare of the deprived, hardship citizens in all category. Yes! CDC and the various government department. are doing it...but the criteria is too cumbersome and stringent that the outreach only goes to limited people associated more to CC and RC. The illiterate poor are the ones ostracized.

As a private charity volunteer and is these organisations that are way ahead of government 'red tape'- if you do not believe can question Vivivian Bala-lan of MCYS...just private wall me..i will give his personal email to you!

We live to see our humankind not to suffer the indignity that is sometimes more debased than a household pet dog..who is fed chicken drumsticks...Do not we human more qualify to live a decent life than the animals??..And we have plenty of 'animals' in our the ruling government and the cronies and bootlickers of every social stratagem.

The opposition can talk till the 'rabbit' arrived next year (rabbit year),
We are not fighting the PAP for the sake of just wanting to put more voices in parliament?? We want to put 'essence' in parliament where the interest of the heart is not for self fame or glory or power but..but.. for the very reason that PAP have outlived their arrogance and are not sympathetic to the cry of our society..the cry of not letting too many foreigners into S'pore ! The cry of 'affordable' HDB

Yes PM LHL (Lee Hsien Loong) is trying hard..but not hard enough...the damaged had been done...The affordable HDB..which supposed to be the citizens home it is the citizens nightmare for life-long mortgage. And Maboh (katek) Tan (MBT) is living beyond the reality of his own cushy bosom of his ivory tower ...still harping ..affordable ..affordable him and his ministers (million dollar pay what!!) I guess, not to the citizens whose average income only 2500 to 4000 dollars a month. And the lower income citizens (30%) earning less than $1500 per month. MBT is qualified to his own elitist world of nonchalance......

"The drift of reality is in their(PAP)Utopia but the poor citizens' Purgatory." -leesjuan (copyright). Regards.

patrick lee song juan