Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A gunman on a killing spree!

SAD!..the curse of society...another madcap...Luckily no one was killed except him..A pity he got to end up like this. The social pressure of life to any individual who is unable to make the basic necessity of his or her living needs can be a tremendous stress factor, culminated by family and other problems !

Death is not the end all, but it is always a last resort. Some will do it for the attention of doing 'something big' because they believe society has failed them, but never have the rationality to think they may have failed society. The idiosyncrasies of living in a fast changing world...How many will fall off the by-line...

An alarm bell ringing for help loud and clear....the human mind needs greater training as in meditation...which I am doing for 15 odd years..It opens up one's mind let be more aware and to live a simple and happy volunteering life of joy for others...and we see joy ricochet back to us....

Christmas brings a true meaning of love and kindness to the world...but sadly..our world is heading more towards decadence..!

patrick lee song juan