Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buddhism and the Human Heart.

Buddhism is a practical way of life...It is not a religion. We learn the basic dignity of compassion, love, empathy and altruism as what PM Lee Hsien Loong did say but is not easy even for him to practise.

We human try to be god in many ways but the true god of love and human understanding is in a sincere heart...nothing less.

The world is deluded with disillusion and human sufferings...Buddhism practises the Middle Path and the Eightfold Noble Way towards our understanding of human sufferings..

Human can only be at peace with human if we can be at peace with our own heart.

The insightful and mindful understanding of our role in a complex world cannot be over-exemplified. We need the decency to let other human live too....

We adhere to the 5 Precepts of the basic Buddhist Scriptures....and try to live a wholesome life if ever possible !

patrick lee song juan