Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Saga of Action Information Management (AIM).

The Saga of AIM

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 11:59am

PAP lost big time during the Punggol East by-election is also due to the saga and fiasco of Action Information Management (AIM)...How can a PAP-backed company bought for $2/- having 3 past PAP MPs as Directors??...It is the purest form of legal corrupt' in the history of PAP rule...Is this only the tip of the iceberg? What about other areas of PAP-linked companies and management??

PM Lee had asked Ministry of National Development (MND) to review the procedures of the AIM case.  Citizens are waiting impatiently to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. Because of AIM's high-handledness, Aljunied Hougang Town council run by WP almost suffered a  mild 'heart attack.'

PAP must understand their precarious position in so many setbacks...The Palmergate, the White Paper, the Housing issue, the Transport issue, the Population issue and the most pressing one is the Cost of Living (COL) issue, where it affects the very lives of the average citizens, and many destitute poor.

How Long can the govt cover up on the AIM issue? The saying goes in a Cantonese proverb..".ugly daughter-in-law still needs to meet the parent-in-laws"...Why is there still total silence on the review? This will reflect on the creditability of our PM seen to be partial, unjust. He must clean his house in order, failing which it will not go well in the minds and emotions of the citizens to want an accountability.

Teo Ho Pin needs to pluck up his dwindling courage to own up to any wrong doing on the AIM saga. Teo, is the man responsible for all the issues arising...He just cannot sit comfortably and think of covering his own ass. Is the PM assisting him with the buttering?

As it is, AIM had decided not to bid for the new tender and it has been awarded to NEC for $17.6 million which included an option that would be triggered if there were an electoral boundary change...What is the meaning of this???

"The changeover comes as the Ministry of National Development reviews the PAP town councils sale of theirs to AIM in 2010, a move criticized for being against the public interest."

The public just wanted the truth with accountability and transparency...Please do not take the PUBLIC  for a ride...The emotional hurt will be greater and will reflect in GE 2016....

patrick lee song juan