Monday, April 29, 2013

Is PAP gerrymandering in GE 2016 again?

Is PAP gerrymandering again in GE 2016?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 7:46am

Punggol East  became PAP's Achilles heel...though Potong Pasir was wrestled back, but only with a slim votes of 100 over for PAP. Joo Chiat who fielded a 'had been' in Charles Chong saw a close fight with WP.

So, this three SMC will be a tight-rope to walk for PAP come GE 2016.

With the general emotional sentiments riding high against PAP's policies and by far the worst is the PWP (Population White Paper), citizens will never forget the indignity that many got to face having have PAP in power for 52 years. Though to be fair, those early 20 years was the best of PAP building the nation by the old Guards!

Why has a govt under PAP gone from better to worst in the last 10 to 15 years of policy tweeting and manipulation?

The overview and oversight of PAP's policies will be their imminent downfall in the near future. And it may be predictable.

So, how can PAP maintain the dominance it had held for so many years? Their think-tanks will be working hard. But then, even an ordinary citizen will know what is up PAP's sleeves.

Come GE2016, maybe the greatest gerrymandering of PAP fight for survival and political perpetuation...

My analysis and what a friend thought concurred. PAP may do away with Potong Pasir and induct it into the GRC of Bishan-Toa Payoh, a bigger GRC and then may split it into two  3-member GRC of Bishan GRC and Toa Payoh GRC. Likewise Punggol East will merge with Punggol-Pasir Ris GRC and also be split into two 3-member GRCs of Punggol GRC and Pasir Ris GRC.

Joo Chiat will be a hot seat. And WP will wrestle the ward easily from PAP..WP did very well to score about 49% votes in Joo Chiat SMC.

Marine Parade GRC without Senior Goh at the helm is precarious. And Tan Chuan Jin started on a wrong footing with the citizens of S'pore for his mis-handling of the so-called bus drivers strike and his open policy of bringing in more foreigners..Though at his moment..a curb is on. But too late for reprieve.

PAP is at a crossroad of political soul-searching and many sacred cows will be slaughtered. In the history of political dominance, no party of the world can rule perpetually. It has come at a time of citizens disgust and the govt's adamant push for great economic numbers, oblivious of what a true INCLUSIVE Singapore  is ! And PAP keep on saying about inclusive S'pore and S'poreans...Is it a joke?

It is the time of our lives, of the citizens suffering on over-crowding.... on housing's "affordable" price, on the lost of jobs to foreigners...leaving many of our PMETs  going for 'wild goose chase' for jobs..

It is rather absurd and incredible that the govt did not see these all coming but blindly pushing for GDP and over-rated economy. And the citizens bear the blunt of the situation.

And with health cost escalating day by day and Health minister Gan Kim Yong wasting so much time in National conversation but not much action for health cost to come down for the average poor citizens and poor senior old folks, are all at the receiving end..And public hospitals are becoming commercially run entity to make more money than to look at the citizens health welfare.

The time is near for for a certain shock to PAP's elitist and comfy well-paid living...

Should PAP not rethink many of its policies to be in tune and tandem to the citizens rather than to themselves only?... Please put on your thinking cap PAP....citizens are tired of Pay And Pay....and many increases..amd the high inflation!

patrick lee song juan