Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Is there a S'pore identity and core value in PAP's rule?

Live and let live in a world at the touch of a button...Our S'pore identity is eroded with the system's insistence of strong dependency on foreigners to the tune of almost 50% 'aliens' in time to come..

What does that mean to our S'pore identity and core values which through all the years...painfully nurtured?...Has the govt turned senile after 52 years of rule ??

The culture shock and habits brought in by foreigners are not in sync with our local ethos and way of life..?

Our little red dot is gasping for space to breathe. We definitely do not accept a mountain of foreigners but we do accept professionals who can contribute to the economy of S'pore..

Are we a nation of Toms, Dicks and Harrys?....Where do we S'poreans stand in a sea of foreign half-bakes, encroaching into our precious little spacious space left? In the process, directly cause the problem of housing escalation and the over-crowding in our transport system. But  our govt has done their homework with precise agenda to make money out of the numbers of foreigners !!

We S'poreans do not blame the foreigners, we blame the dastard policies of the govt..who is oblivious of the citizens' woes and sufferings...

Who are the elites that are living in their ivory towers to understand the plight of the ordinary citizens??

It is the PAP ministers and their cronies!

We will stand united to foster a true blue S'porean identity and a S'pore core value....

patrick lee song juan