Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who is God, what is God?

Who is God, What is God...?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 8:24am

Who is god, what is god?...if we read it backwards it is just a (faithful) dog!

The reality of life is, God is in the hands of the very human that manipulated the true spiritual God and rendered it helpless (and how can the Almighty be helpless)??...because it is just a perceived 'Spirit' to be manipulated by the very human of the universe)......Many may make used of God to amass wealth but not serenity of one's well-being..

We live within the conscience of our true self, beyond that the judgement is in our own consciousness and conscience...

God in his wildest dreams has no redemption for the people, it is the people that must redeem themselves.
The spiritual understandings and undertakings of a spiritual God is in our very sincere and honest pure heart, beyond that most human (including (Kong Hee) abuses God's name to his charlatan lifestyle, in the pretext of delivering salvation to the people...

What kind of teaching is this..."The more you donate, the greater you will be blessed"... So, in Kong Hee's so called sermon at City Harvest Church (CHC)...the poor destitute soul who cannot contribute a dime will not be blessed or even cast into oblivion...?? I personally attended a number of his sermon to have a first hand experience of this person called the living god...And I encountered him and conversed with him during my CC days when his followers went to Joo Chiat CC to donate blood. That was in 2005.

The reality of life is, we judge our own conscience (which I always propagate)..beyond that the spiritual consolation and consciousness of any God is nothing but - do good be good - and never call on God in your moments of despair and anguish..but in your moments of happiness and wholesomeness..Then you will not be so vulnerable to coercive influence.

But again many of us in our happiest moment in life, we just forget about our very 'Spiritual God' or any God we believe....

So, who is God...what is God ?

patrick lee song juan