Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cry for me Pulau Ubin, not Argentina!

We CRY for Pulau Ubin.....

The rustic beauty of nature's enclave, Pulau Ubin has a bombshell dropped just a few days ago by the very govt who just want nothing but more money..

Pulau Ubin is our  last unspoilt haven of S'pore's for S'poreans to de-stress, with the main island so over-crowded and crying for space.

The govt already has a blue print to develop Ubin for their own ulterior motives..It will no be surprising if another Casino is to be built building a third IR is already in the govt's offings..

After the initial cheaper rent...and 5 years down the road, the residents got to pay market price...It is tantamount to force-evict those poor residents who all these years are living a simple poor but happy life on the island...

Citizens are powerless to even plead for residents...We can only plead for ourselves at the polls in GE save the last bastion of natures' joy where weekends S'poreans can escape to the serenity of  more space and cleaner fresh air..

S'porean will always be short-changed by the authoritarian, despotic govt of PAP...

We cry for Pulau Ubin, not Argentina!

patrick lee song juan