Monday, April 15, 2013

Is Old Age a Gem or a Sadness?

OLD AGE is a golden gem if well planned...A drudgery, a sadness of existence wasted if unable to compromise the joy of ageing gracefully.

The sad truth is, S'pore is purportedly to be a first world country, but the senior old folks, many live a wretched lonely life. There is no directional compass nor focus..Being a volunteer for old folks..I understand their plight.

Has society failed them or they failed society?..Old age dignity has eroded with the passing of their youth glory. The destiny of old age has a bearing to the system of our government...

Is there a glory in ageing in S'pore?...The societal fabric is disintegrated by the very harsh policies of the govt. Many old folks will live to reflect and regret....The old age rich will rejoice as money is God!

patrick lee song juan