Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kong (Con) Hee and many of his blind followers.

I am not against religion nor do I against Christianity...The basis of religion is to teach wholesome living in harmony to the greater God which maintains the balance of the universe with  humankind...


I have always advocate my Voice for the poor and deprived...the senior poor folks and the destitute...Yet in our society of meritocracy as expounded by the govt, the rich is living up to it on the contribution of the poor too.

But the greatest cardinal sin is those who in the name of god, hoodwinked many poor folks to believe god will bless them many folds if they contribute generously to the church of god...but it is to the coffer of the man who appropriately called himself Kong Hee (Fai Cai). He is reverted as the 'living god' by his followers..

And to top it all, City Harvest Church (CHC), through the years have 'preached' or coerced the congregation to donate to Kong Hee and his leading cronies' high lifestyle in the name of his money-god.

Many used GIRO for a 10% deduction to the CHC fund willingly (yet not giving to their old aged parents)..Is this what the pastor of CHC been preaching for more donation so that Kong Hee can live in a $20 million Sentosa Cove upgraded from a 5-rm flat?...See how great is god to Kong Hee with the help of so many stupid blinded followers..among them many professionals.

Justice must be carried out on 15th of May..CHC's first case in court, God is great but the court of law by the very human is greater....Man vs god, god vs man and man vs man in the justice of man !!

Charlatans must be nailed and nailed good, beyond the holy cross...

Ignorance is the curse of god...Jesus Christ is weeping in heaven !!

What has become of God in the eyes of cheats and bluffs??  Reduced to nothingness...

It is in the eyes of those who cannot see and ears who cannot hear....the death of human awareness and judgement of truth !!

KONG HEE.... FAI CAI !!..(the prosperous Kong Hee) !!

patrick lee song juan