Monday, April 15, 2013

To save or to perish - Lui Tuck Yew

To save or to perish.....

Lui Tuck Yew is at his wits end after taking over the Transport ministry from that 'disgraced' sacked Raymond Lim..who did nothing but sat on his big fat pay. The frequent breakdown is the greatest sore point..And Saw Phiak Hwa is enjoying her life playing golf with Ho Ching now, passing all the shit of SMRT to Desmond Kwek

We must give minister Lui a chance to prove his worth in this trial of free ride in the morning till 7.45 am come June 24....But is it not the govt are knocking their heads with their own pricks!...If in the first place if the floodgate was not opened so indiscriminately, our local population will not stress on the MRT system.

It is a trade-off the govt has to bear the responsible and bring solution to solve it..

When one over-does pays the price. (the cause and effect). So, never discount the 'karma' of doings. Is it a lack of foresight or the greed for the bottomline of the GDP...blown out of proportion??

We are seeing the cracks in the housing too...The wide disconsolation of living and the emotional anger of the true blue Singaporeans.

PAP is too long as a govt for the comfort of the citizens but themselves only...

Exercise your votes wisely come GE 2016

patrick lee song juan