Thursday, April 25, 2013

Political inroad by opposition parties of Singapore..

Political inroad by opposition parties of Singapore.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 8:35am

Opposition parties of S'pore have come a long way from persecution and political suppression by the draconian law and rule of the present govt....

The awakening arrived painfully but swiftly during GE 2011. PAP lost one strong GRC in Aljunied..And that is history. Many suppressed citizens rejoiced with jubilation. PAP was fcuked hard and deep! Georgie Yeo supposedly an indispensable Foreign minister was knocked out cold.

Workers Party (WP) made history as the first opposition political party to trounce PAP big time. It is  the beginning of political inroad by opposition parties, by WP.

And WP moved to win the by-election of Punggol East (PE BE), caught PAP pants down. All knew it coming except PAP..they are living in their own world of reverie to even have a feel of the citizens emotional dissent !!

But unfortunately, Low Thia Khiang dropped a bombshell during one rally for PE BE. He did not believe in opposition unity nor opposition consolidation..Well. success might have gone into the SG's head.

Sad for opposition inroad to oust PAP....

But in the meantime, each opposition party is building up their membership of better party members in preparation for the GE of 2016.

S'pore's opposition parties are really a pathetic sight! Small, not well organised..Having SGs (secretary-generals) that have one common trait..BIG EGOs..

Look at Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Desmond Lim of RP and SDA...both too egoistic to even understand the ground of political resonance, hence they lost in PE BE so pathetically. Both also lost their deposits... Desmond Lim the second time.

So, can these kind of SGs lead a parties?..or even dream of leading S'pore. My advice is ..please retire from politics and look into your own strong area of expertise !

We also have SF and DPP . Do citizens even know these two parties exist at all..For the record SF is Socialist Front, helmed by lawyer Chia Tik Lik and DPP, (Democratic Peoples Party) changing SG to Benjamin Pwee lately from Seow Kee Leng...DPP is also an old party but dormant since many moons.

And now I come to SPP (S'pore Peoples Party) with senior Chiam See Tong. SPp was once a leading party with Chiam as MP of parliament for many years..But due to lack of foresight and political selfishness, his succession plan was never his priority. so Lina Chiam lost the Potong Pasir seat to PAP Seetoh and Chiam was knocked out from Bishan Toa Payoh GRC...The worst political move by Chiam, sent him and his party into oblivion.

SDP and NSP are doing fine with new bloods and eager to excel in political stardom...

Political inroad for opposition parties in S'pore is still a long way to form an alternative govt due to no political understanding and unity. Look at Malaysian opposition political parties unity, it put S'pore opposition to shame!

Opposition inroad in S'pore is a long way to Tipperrary. PAP govt is never threatened but little shaken. In so far as the oppositions cannot have more candidates into parliament...PAP will be singing themselves to the bank and fcuking up  every citizens' lives with their push to 6.9 in 2030..We are doomed to be sardines in a can!!

So, where do we go from here?....When is the opposition able to even form a two party system or coalition with PAP in parliament??  Citizens want our lives back from the overcrowding and do not want to be  foreigners in our own motherland.

We cry for our Singapore !!

NB: The word FUCK is an expression of a strong connotation of disgust...nothing else...If everyone is easily fucked then S'pore will be having plentiful of illegitimate babies...!!...HAHAHAA !!

patrick lee song juan