Friday, April 19, 2013

Tharman Shanmugaratnam-shan shan (Hokkien means dar-ing.)

Tharman shan-shan...(in Hokkien means very dar-ing)

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 4:29pm

Tharman Shanmugaratnam was born in1957...A rather smart kid..Life is good to him in a system of PAP's "meritocracy."

Was Economic Director of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 1993..But was charged under the official Secret Act (OSA) involving the release of S'pore 1992 clasified document..Was acquitted but charged with a lesser negligence and fined $1,500....Not enough for him to be barred from contesting as a PAP candidate..If you are fined $2000 and above you cannot hold public office...Hence JBJ had to give up his seat as MP in Anson then being fined $2000 ..What irony and a certain agenda !!

Today Tharman 'Shanshan' is riding on a high and is  hoarding the limelight of PAP's echelon of elites.. He held  af ew other portfolios before and now is the Finance minister..The recent Budget 2013 released by him was a turning point of his charge in the Finance ministry....though rather mediocre, Budget 2013 was quite balanced....Although no actual cash was given to the citizens...all in the form of rebates and transferring money from here to there...

He did well to have a program on him :Ask DPM Tharman Special (not Ass Tharman special..that would be against Section 377A!)....hahaaa!

Tharman talks about meritocracy is  a vision of S'pore as society of equals...How equal may I ask?...Talk is equal..what else is really equal? He answers questions on the economy, politics and social media in a nearly tow hour long interview with ST Deputy Editor Zuraidah Ibrahim and journalist Robin Chan and Aaron Low..Excepts can be read in detail in ST of 19.4.13,...Home page B5..

Tharman said that PAP to remain dominant but without being dominating...Are you kidding my dear Tharman (I may address you my junior if you are not a minister in the elitist I 'ate more salt in life' than you (you were born in 1957 I was born in 1945...har! har!). But that is not the point...

The point is , yes in another decade PAP will be the dominant party in charge but the ground is shifting and the opposition inroad is building up..More credible and  in-touch-of-the-ground opposition will emerge.

WP will be a party to watch having already seven MPs in parliament...SDP is re-inventing themselves and with care and substance can be a party to be reckoned.  NSP is trailing a little behind, in that they are considered a relatively young party after the old timers gave way to the young Turks to hold fort in Hazel Poa Poon Poon (sounds like a pom pom girl).. The other splinter small opposition parties need to truly re-invent themselves to be even heard off.

DPM Tharman has the quality of a PM compared to Teo Chee Hean whose popularity index dipped so low now that his big nose (his nickname) is gasping for air to breathe..

As the politics of S'pore move along in a scenario of overcrowding everywhere in S' prices (though govt tried cooling measures) is not seeing any reprieved..In this respect...the govt and MND is to be blamed for a free market fall.... The high COL...the salary stagnation of employees. Nothing  is working in good tandem this 10 years of PAP extreme policy shift and implementation...The citizens all suffered ...

A word to Tharman, the wakening of living wellness is not your call of meritocracy , it is the basic call of the population across all spectrum...It is the emotional call for change and how long can the citizens suppress such sentiments of emotion than by the arrival GE 2016....the results will be the deciding factor !!

Tharman 'shanshan', PAP will need greater re-invention before and after GE 2016 provided there is no drastic gerrymandering of boundaries to the benefit of the ruling party...It is the only best thing PAP knows how to do to retain their dominance..

Good Luck Mr Tharman, not 'Tammat' (Malay means The end)

patrick lee song juan