Monday, April 8, 2013

The Secret of a Happy Old Age.

Happiness is a state of mind, be it young or old. As we aged and experienced the toll of life, we become more aware of our limitations as a human being.

The mental faculty will deteriorate but the experience is enriched. Health will be the main concern of old age. Eating the right food and adequate exercise will enhance our general disposition.

When  you are rich, old age is a blessing. it is the poor old destitute folks that have to struggle for daily survival that ache my heart.

The government is late in looking into this area of ageing and alot of hooha is in the news to elevate the life of the aged.

Family harmony and bonding is an area in old age happiness. Gone were the days when the nucleus of the family-tie is strong and we have three or four generations living together. With this modern society of matrialism and unrealistic pursuit of the impossible dream, the very essence of family life is in titter-tatters. Filial piety is as foreign as Timbuctoo in Africa. The old-aged parents are left to fend for themselves.

Old folks are left alone to live the lonely dreams of sad reminiscences. Many will die lonely and destitute. We live to die an easy death but how many of us can achieve this simple formula.

PM Lee said it with ease because he has never tasted what is poverty! Just look around and you can see the bent old men and women collecting rubbish to feed themselves for the day. Old age dignity has eroded the times of our life. We are being discarded as short thrift.

And with the retirement age at 67 and the draw down age of CPF minimum sum at the same, the govt is sending a message to say that, OK! you old folks better look after your own needs. Some of us may even die without to dream of our CPF money.

The irony and reality of life. Even rich Singapore will turn away its veteran  citizens. Not many can live to 70 years if not in good health. We cannot implement legistration to cover only one aspect of the law. The govt need to be flexible in this old age reform of CPF to the senior citizens, especially the Medisave usage.

As we move on in life we begin to understand that the journey through life is an act in itself and when the final curtain draws, the fame, the fortune is but a  memory and it all come to nought!

We all wish to live a sweet memory of our life not after death. As for heaven it is far away. Death is the leveller of all things rich or poor. We all want to be "Hoe See" (good death).

So, is there a secret to a happy old age in Singapore with such govt policies, leaving old age to defend itself??

patrick lee song juan