Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sacrificing the Sacred cow - PAP and Lee Bee Wah

Sacrificing the Sacred cow - PAP and Er Dr Lee Bee Wah

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:15pm

Lee Bee Wah (LBW) suddenly shot into notice (not prominence) lately when she started posting all her activities on Facebook (FB)....Why is it so? But before I go further with LBW, let me just introduce her for those who never even knew of her existence.... Is that a joke?

LBW was born in Johor on 6 of October 1960..a Buddhist and married with 2 children..That is all I know about her..A search on Wikipedia got no write-out on her. She runs her own LBW Engineering Consultancy firm with her husband.

Now, to answer my own question why LBW is so active lately to engage residents of Nee Soon and doing everything on FB for all to know and of all person tagged every move to me...Luckily, when she visited the loo...she did not inform me or putting on a new Max Factor makeup...Cold sweat lah!

Remember LBW's belief that only imported ping pong girls can bring S'pore medals...So. she went on a crusade of recruiting and converting many PRC ping pong girls to become citizens...Yes. they brought pseudo fame to S'pore by winning silver and bronze in the Olympics..But is that a big deal when no true blue citizens were bestowed that honour ?

Then LBW had differences with the national coach and that happened to be a PRC coach too. It was  so degrading of her , just immediately after the silver medal win...The fracas with the coach..Many S'poreans never felt proud for that moment of 'glory'.

LBW is president of S'pore Table Tennis Association (STTA), did she really bring honour to S'pore ?? But reality is more incredible than fiction...After that, one ping pong girl (mind you a citizen already!) got her 1.27 million (maybe more) prize money and left the team  to go back to China to live happily ever after..

So are we feeling proud of the program of grooming champions out of imports?...We are all disgusted by it!!

And now at this moment of her uncertainty..LBW is working hard to please PM LHL, which she had never done before.."walking the dog"and walking her talk. And  she takes everything in her pace to even pick litters for the estate, as though there are no Town Council cleaners to keep the estate of Nee Soon clean..!!

Lee Bee Wah is going through a baptism of fire....and the proverbial sacrificing of the sacred cow..She may see her last as MP for Nee Soon GRC...

PM Lee is adamant to have his succession plans of new candidates for PAP, hence LBW , most likely will be superannuated. The likes of Lim Sia Suay, Lim Hng Khiang and even Yacoob Ibrahim, etc, to give way for new younger blood. And hopefully LHL knows how to pick or choose the right PAP cadres..not good for nothing generals to be in the elitist system to draw exorbitant paychecks..

And do you all remember the 'asshole' surgeon Koh Poh Koon...he lost to a Ah Lian of  WP....Is not LHL bewildered and flabbergasted by that lost?? LHL need to soul search why that got to happen!!

PAP is re-inventing themselves and try ever so hard to soothe the sentiments of the people after the PWP..on 6.9 population in 2030. (Is 6.9 not a French kiss of sexual libido but without bearing children...and we thought the govt wants citizens to have more babies?? !)

It is rather sad, the more PAP did , the more mistake they made...And to think that even a cartoonist Leslie Chew was arrested under the Sedition Act, is really absurd...A cartoonist is to humour people...Has the govt gone paranoia on their own account ?...So, whatever LBW did for PAP will come to no avail in view of this unfortunate incident..

Is not the protest at Hong Lim Park a greater event than a drawing of cartoons??

We believe in a democratic country...such episode would not happen...but why is it happening in S'pore??

PAP will be had in year 2016 come the next  general election...It will be the awakening of the populace to see to the gradual demise of PAP government....

patrick lee song juan