Thursday, July 1, 2010

Politicians and Dictators

The law of nature...

All human are prone to make mistakes. No one is perfect. Individualism abounds. When your rationality over-rules your mindset, many of us will do stupid things. No different with LKY in his octogenaric years. The trouble with LKY is... he does not know when to let go and transfer power to LHL. Sad... Now, the whole world knows PM LHL is but a digit in LKY's power domain. LHL by virtue is an intelligent guy.

Politicians are 'steadfast' only in the moment to achieving what they want. Beyond that, it can be a question mark, that is what I meant.

Despotic dictators and rulers of their sovereign countries were and are
mainly egoistic, full of pride, become irrational to reasons and command absolute power to control at all cause. Hence the downfall of many dictators. Never a smooth transition. The innate selfishness of every human being. Always remember the impermanence of everything on earth... than we will be saved.

Myself am never a perfectionist to anything. In fact after my recent 2 weeks retreat meditation in a Penang Meditation Centre , I find myself even more lacking in my betterment to be a 'saintly' person. I am working hard to try to reach 0.1 percent of mindful awareness of life.

Yes! S'pore's opposition parties need to grow amicably and with unity to oust the PAP along the way. But never forget, in the same measure, PAP are also growing with better advantage and surely alot of 'underhand' tactics to dominate the escalation of their political dominance.
I do not subscribe to any opposition party's perfection. Each has its strong and weak points. Everyday is an unfolding of events.

Lastly, I would like to recommend two books by Elhart Tolle for a good read: 'The New Earth' and 'The Power of Now'. After reading, one can balance one's life with the vast cosmic exuberance of the universe's complexities relating to the Ego, Pride and Failing of the human race.
The mantra in life is the abitity TO LET GO.... living will always be a gem !!

All famous and great leaders of history failed miserably due to their inability "TO LET GO"...... regards

patrick lee song juan
(first written on Facebook,
copy to my Blog)