Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Indiscrimate Influx of Foreigners

Why did Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) gone back in his goverment words not to bring in more foreigners? Is it true that locals really cannot or do not want to accept the job given. 100,000 more foreigners to come !!

The bare truth is that wages have deceased all these years due to the paying of low wages to foreigners. How can citizens survive in our present S'pore with such high cost of living? HDB flats are ridiculously high by any standard and MBT still says it is affordable. What craps is he talking just because he is a minister without brains!!

Many citizens want to work but due to the council for Third Age pseudo policies of training and retraining, how many people are gainfully employed? Everytime someone got a job after his/her training ST will highlight with great aplomb. Disgusting! and behind the scene many senior workers are being redundant for young foreigners in the service and retail industries.

Even my wife with a statutory board was bought out with soft coaxing
when she still got two years to work. She held a senior position in the company. Many old friends too are prompted to retire with soft grace approach. Did the ST highlight all that? So, on one hand give lip service and lots of propaganda, the other hand asked you to leave and employ younger cheaper foreign worker. What have Lim Boon Heng got to say about this? My wife worked for the stat. board for 35 years and now what happened? Even with two years left, they paid her off to get younger foreign staff. I just have to bring this out to everyone's attention of what our PAP government is doing which they and the ministars will say 'CANNOT HELP IT'. A PACK OF PAP wolves in sheep clothings.!!!

So that is the reason why LHL want to bring in more foreigners for cheaper labour and wage and they can work longer hours and the employers need not contribute to CPF.

Please we as citizens are not as stupid as you think Lee Hsien Loong and Lim Boon Heng ???!!! and all the other bootlickers and crony ministers of PAP?

We (my family) are lucky due to the years of planning. Our children were graduated many years ago. But many S'poreans are left without a job in old age and penniless, which many older S'poreans are facing and with a house loan to service and other cost to take care of... what do you think is the quality of life for the average S'poreans?? Do the ivory tower ministers really care for the welfare of the citizens.

LHL please answer this question for the citizens?? Is the government giving a fair deal to the loyal citizens of S'pore?? WHY? WHY? so many FOREIGNERS. We can accept a reasonable number but not 1.36 million and increasing still...God help Singapore not PAP.

patrick lee song juan
(copy from my own comment on Facebook)