Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of Bringing up a Child-The greatest parental Love

The modern faceless society breeds many emotionless stone-faced children. After all the years of nuture and care and education, the value of love is thinner than cellophane. A parental investment without any returns and many a times, heartache
the way children will treat the aged old parents in their twilight years.

Childbirth is the ultimate ecstasy of creation. A new innocent life is brought into the merciless world. The joy of parenthood to many cannot be expressed in words. A mother's joy, a father's delight.

The formatives years, the first sign of recognition of the mother, the first uttering of mama and papa, the first small unsteady step of babykind against the bold evil 'steps' of mankind.

Seeing the progressive development of baby's growth is the happiness joy... moment to moment.

Happiness lasts only in nostalgia when society and environmental influence is strong in molding the then baby into an adult. Many modern parents lose the grip on the basic upbringing of the children due to circumstances not to their desire but for the sake of a more comfortable living. Both parents usually hold a job each as compared to our parents generation where our mothers were usually the homemaker full time.

Modern children lose a lot of emotional bonding and tender care. The maid becomes their nanny and it makes a world of a difference to the warm and cohesion of the family.

Many parents try their best to balance work and family and some succeed, while others failed...Hence Jennifer Senior can say that .."I love my children, but I hate my life.."

Living and bringing up a child is a choice between two opinions...for we can never have the best of both worlds... can never be possible. We cannot compromise our priorities.

Please view my article in my Blog- on my grand daughter's first birthday....
It will bring you into a world of a new born.....the slow but steady progressive stages of her life till her first year birthday under the watchful and happy eyes of a grandfather.

I love Claire, my cute sweetie pie, now at one year and three months old.

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